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Zajac Nights! One World, One Night…

Change is like rest . . .

With every season, we feel change ignite the air and breathe new excitement.  Similar to a good night’s
rest (not that we remember what that is like!), change can rejuvenate and inspire.  Stay tuned for details on our plans for 2016’s most exciting philanthropic event of the year.

One World, One Night

 2016 Zajac Nights will offer you an opportunity to experience The World in A Night.  Hosted again at downtown Vancouver’s Terminal City Club, each room willtransport you to a different corner of our world.

Imagine being able to experience the colorful Diwali celebrations of India, the Cheery Blossom Festival of Japan, traditional romanticism of the Eiffel Tower, and cool tunes of New Orleans within moments of each other.  We are extra excited to share that local artists The Deep End will join us again for this amazing event.

Prepare your global palate to savour what each room has to offer.  Save the date now and joins us in Vancouver’s premier fundraising event – June 4th, 2016, Zajac Nights The World in a Night.  Have fun, help children, a great way to begin your summer!


Zajac Nights Wine Fairies at Terminal City Club


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