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An Afternoon to Remember!

Blink Acro

Photo by Life Studios

Just over one week ago today were in the midst of a flurry of activity, setting up for our seventh annual A Wedding Affair.  Thank you to everyone who made it a part of their sunny Sunday afternoon!

If you made it this year, no doubt you were dazzled by the people of Blink Acro – this amazing modern circus troupe had us on the edge of their seats as they twirled from the River Rock rafters.  To begin the event, they gracefully handed the first brides of the day roses – as they hung upside down, supported only by their feet on beautiful silk sashes.  Amazing . . . one little girl in the River Rock foyer simply could not get enough, staring from her rose to the performer in awe.  May be a future modern circus  performer in the making?

Shortly thereafter, another performer carefully climbed and began intricately lacing herself on the aerial hoop to the beautiful chords of “At Last”.  Seconds in to her performance, we realized that she was actually singing.  Yes, singing, while performing aerial feats that took our breath away.  We are still not sure how she could manage to breathe in those positions, let alone sing this classic.

If you are looking for a memorable way to greet your guests, walk down the aisle, or simply entertain between a ceremony and reception, visit Blink Acro’s web site at for more information and inspiration.  They’ll take care of the perspiration.

Every year we aim to outdo ourselves – stay tuned for next year and visit our A Wedding Affair Facebook page!

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