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Event Planners in Richmond on call for the holidays!

Christmas Color

Event planners in Richmond are hard at work for the holiday spirit. It is December 1st! The festive season seems to have been well underway for weeks now but December 1st still serves as a kick off for the holiday season for us at Imagine That Events. Our event planner elves have been hard at work decorating offices and outdoor spaces.

If your company has not yet planned their winter event, you may want to contact a professional to help. With the time crunch, our event planners and decorators can provide creative opportunities to celebrate the season.

Amongst some of the creative events we have coming up are casino parties, winter wonderland, and a masquerade theme. What highlights each event is fostering a festive atmosphere to celebrate the year’s achievements and look forward to the year ahead with your colleagues.

And don’t forget the little ones – many of our clients set up distinct children’s events. From craft corners to cookie decorating to carnival games, the smiles and joy of the season rings through the youngest faces. Sometimes the man in the big red suit even makes a surprise appearance!

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