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Fall Update

Summer of 2012 has been a busy one.  It’s hard to believe that we have gone from working in sunshine to planning Halloween and Christmas events.

We definitely had a great summer with our clients.  Bling, romantic, vintage and rustic themes were really popular this wedding season.  But our all time favorite is the candy bar.  Not matter how old we are, we will always love candy.  If you are in search for a take home idea, we highly recommend designing a candy bar for your guests.

This fall we will be working with the Steveston Merchants Association on promoting the businesses in this beautiful area in Richmond.  The Scarecrow Crawl, Hay Day, Christmas in Steveston Village, Santa’s Sleigh Ride and the Tree Lighting will be key events that help to bring the community in to enjoy and celebrate all that Steveston has to offer. We love that we can support our community and use our resources to make this Halloween and Christmas a spectacular one.