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Loving this Cherry Season

Wow, is it only us or is this one of the yummiest cherry seasons in recent history? Cherry Pic

As the sweet juices tantalize our taste buds, we felt inspired to do a little research.  Did you know that Turkey is by far the top cherry producing nation in the world?  That, in addition to their olives, adds Turkey to our places we would love to visit list.  Closer to home, we are lucky to have an abundance of local varieties available from the Okanagan, Similkameen, and Kootenay Valleys in addition to neighbouring Washington state.  Osoyoos even holds an annual Cherry Fiesta to mark the beginning of the harvest season!

A couple of our favourite local stops to satiate cherry cravings are GI Farms cute stand on No 2 Road and Westham Island Herb Farm.

We think at this time of year, everything tastes that much better with a cherry on top.  But before you go, please let us offer you a little tip – no matter how responsible your sweet two year old may seem, or how much she may beg, do not trust her with an un-pitted cherry!

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