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As professional event planners in Vancouver, we pay attention to our clients style, their individual budget and their ideas to create a unique event.  With more than 10 years of experience, Imagine That Events has got the referrals, knows the best places, gets the best deals and can handle the endless string of details.

We know planning an event can be a big production.  Choosing the venue, decorating and planning the perfect meal are just the first few steps.  With your ideas and our visions, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

Imagine That Events is here to cater to your needs while staying within your budget.  Whatever the event may be; your wedding day, a milestone birthday or anniversary, a corporate gala, a Summer picnic, a grand opening, a children’s Christmas party or a themed party, Imagine That Events is here to help you plan.

Imagine That Events is here to take your stress away…


A cause for celebration comes with a need to create an atmosphere for the guests. Whether it is a need to turn back time, a season to celebrate or a time to travel across the seas, we will take you there!

When it comes to theming up events, there are too many to name – Roaring 20’s, Disco Night, Casino Night, Mardi Gras to Country Western Night, Hawaiian Luau or Mexican Fiesta.  Whatever the theme may be, Imagine That Events is ready to decorate, set the mood and create unforgettable memories for your guests.

You imagine it – we plan it