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Savoury, sweet, what a treat at Bells Bake Shop in Steveston!

Savoury, sweet, what a treat!

Jen Bell, cupcaker extraordinnaire, is a chef by trade who missed savouries.  She created an opportunity to showcase her culinary training with Mother’s Day tea.  After visiting Bell’s Bake Shop’s inaugural Mother’s day tea last year, I was so excited for a redo.  Upon arriving, we were seated at a beautiful table set just for us.  She even braved giving my daughter a real tea cup!

Our three tier tray included scrumptious sandwiches, the star for me featured goat cheese and roasted tomatoes.  I do not even like goat cheese.  After filling up on sandwiches, I requested a small box for the delightful desserts.  There was no way we could finish all of those.  It was a gift that kept on giving . . . may be a little too much to my waistline!  And last but not least, the scones with homemade jam topped everything off.  If Jen ever chooses to sell her jam, then we will be first in line.

My husband was so impressed, he feels Jen should hold a monthly tea event.  It would be a sad Sunday for those craving a delicious cupcake!  Of course, with cupcakes so yummy, we are sure people would come again.

My two year old was salivating when her own dish of mini tea sandwiches, scones, and treats arrived!  If she would like, Jen has a new little best friend in her.

My baby just enjoyed playing with the beaded maze while seated in a beautiful vintage high chair.  Bell’s Bake Shop is a family friendly venue.  It was a perfect morning to spend with my family.

Although it is hard to close on a beautiful Sunday, what better reason than to celebrate mommas!

Written by: Natasha Gray

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