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Welcome to the Year of the…

Year of the SheepIt has been a busy fury of activity at Imagine That Events as we prepare for this weekend’s annual wedding show at the River Rock, please pardon our belated New Year message!

Or should we say “Wan Shi Ru Yi” (everything follows your will) or “Ji Xiang Ru Yi” (harmony and everything follows your will) or “Sui Sui Ping An” (harmony and safety year around) or “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (congratulations and prosperity).  We love this time of year with family, food, decorations, and red packets.

It seems to depend upon where you come from whether this year is the year of the sheep or the year of the ram.  Check out this link for an interview with “feng shui master” Paul Ng who explains the confusion over this astrologic year.

As Paul Ng describes it, the sheep is more peace loving and the ram is more fierce.  Us peace loving folks at Imagine That Events may prefer to softly welcome a new year as the year of the sheep but some days may feel a little more like a wily ram.

In addition to learning about the sheep / ram debate, we learned the thirteenth day of the new year is Chinese Valentine’s – that is definitely for us, we love to see love in the air!